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Our 5 BBL system was handcrafted by Forgeworks in CO. In addition to our brewhouse, we also have 6 fermenters, 3 brite tanks and 8 barrels for aging. We start off with malted barley in each batch. We add it along with other specialty grains to the mash tun along with hot water and mix them up to ensure they are completely covered with water. This is where starch from the grains is converted into sugar. We now have "wort". At this time we transfer the wort to the brew kettle, while we sparge or rinse the remaining sugar from the mash. The leftover grains are taken to a local farm for cow feed.

Once the wort is in the brew kettle, we bring it to a boil and add any hops or additions that the receipe may call for. After about an hour, we cool and transfer it to a fermenter where yeast will be added. The beer can be in a fermenter for 2-6 weeks, at this point other additions are added as well as dry hops for flavor. After the beer has reached the correct ABV, it is then transferred to a brite tank to clarify additionally, then transferred to kegs, barrels or canned depending on the recipe. Once it is in kegs, it is then transferred to the taproom or to your local bar, restaurant, or distributor for your enjoyment!

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